Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Montrose Avenue

My dad had one of these in the eighties. It didn't look quite like this, though...
Built between 1978-82, the Mazda 626 was known as 'Montrose' in the UK, and they were sold here with the same winter-proofing that the domestic models received in Japan; that is to say, not a whole lot. And certainly not enough to deal with our road gritters... Papa SuckSqueezeBangBlow's Montrose was only a few years old when he bought it, but it was basically made of rust and filler. Hey ho.
The example we see here is an American-spec 626, and it's certainly looking a lot more together than any I've ever seen in the metal. Sitting low (but not crazy-low) over some tasteful polished split-rims, its beautiful blue hue lends it a certain retro charm. It was semi-obscure in its day, and in 2012 it's a superb, chrome-laden three-box that younger enthusiasts just will not recognise. A Nippon Georgia peach.

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