Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Les Déesses de Chapron

The Citroën DS is such an iconic, revered design that monkeying around with it is borderline sacrilegious. But that didn't stop celebrated French coachbuilder Henri Chapron having a crack at it...
The first Déesse we see here is 'Le Leman', a hand-beaten DS 21 coupé. From head-on all appears standard, but the rear is heavily reworked, squaring it off to create a far more cab-forward profile; the dimensions are so radically altered, you'd almost assume it was mid-engined. You can read more about it here. (€162,000? Incroyable!)

This second example, 'Le Dandy', an earlier DS 19, appears rather more resolved around the tail. Its exaggerated curves accentuate those of the front quarters, giving it an almost speedboat-esque aesthetic. A gadabout fit for a président, n'est-ce pas?
You can learn more here.

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