Friday, 6 January 2012

Jetta Variant on air

So, a lesson in global VW semantics. The car you see here is a US Jetta Variant. In the UK, we call the Jetta 'Bora' - it's basically a Golf saloon with different headlights. We also have an estate version of the Golf. In the US they have effectively the same car, but with the Bora/Jetta nose, and using the classic VW 'Variant' name. It's a Golf/Jetta/Bora estate/Variant. All clear? Great.
...and this example is a little bit special; clean and smooth in pristine white, with oh-so-eighties lipstick red accents. The interior has been retrimmed in bright red leather, to match the equally eighties-esque BTCC-inspired Fifteen52 Tarmac alloys. (They're Porsche Guards Red, incidentally.) Airbags drop it to the floor, to settle those eighteens nicely in the arches. It's like a crisp white shirt with a set of red braces; there's probably a Filofax in the glovebox...
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