Monday, 23 January 2012

Innovative EG Civic

The intriguing thing about car modifying is that it's constantly evolving; you have to stay on your feet or you'll be left behind. Sure, there's no shame in following the herd, but the way to stand out is to innovate.
Take this EG Civic. With the addition of a few cool scene touches it would have made a very tidy little pocket-rocket; sitting low on Konis over BBS RS is a respectable look. But it's in the detail where this build is brought right up to date - have you ever seen a ducktail spoiler on a Civic? Or an S2000 dash conversion? These are unique mods and, added to the carbon-fibre accents, Recaro seats, Spoon exhaust, LSD and a variety of other trick moves, it makes for a real scene-stealer. That it's bright yellow is almost a side issue...
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