Saturday, 14 January 2012

Houndstooth Impreza

There's a certain formula for modifying a Subaru Impreza: paint it Mica Blue, fit gold wheels, make the decision whether or not to apply 555 rally decals, ramp power up to around 400bhp. Very cool, but a little played out these days.

This Impreza represents something genuinely different, mixing its Eastern origins with the feel of a library in an English manor house. Resplendent in vintage brown, it has a houndstooth and tweed interior; the vast rear wing has been removed, the bootlid covered in quilted leather. On the outside. Yes, it's got gold rims, but they're dripping in retro seventies chic, while the jokey British number plate anchors this Japanese Impreza firmly in an offbeat UK aesthetic. And did you spot that it's a two-door...?
Via Speedhunters

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