Thursday, 5 January 2012

Honda HSV-010 GT

It's no secret that SuckSqueezeBangBlow loves the Honda NSX. For its directness and single-minded pursuit of excellence, for its Senna assocations, for its unashamed targetting of the Ferrari 355, it's just a modern marvel. And it was very sad when it went out of production in 2005.
There have been myriad rumours about what Honda will create as a follow-up, and the most real offering to date came in the form of 2010's HSV-010 GT. HSV stands for Honda Sports Velocity, which is about as aggressive a name as you can get, and the car was developed to campaign in Japan's Super GT series, replacing the defunct NSX racer. Now, Super GT racers are typically based on production cars, so it wasn't unreasonable to assume that the HSV-010 GT would herald a next-generation NSX. Unfortunately this was not the case, although the word from inside Honda indicated that it was originally planned to be so, and that it was quashed by financial issues (i.e. that it wasn't deemed economically sensitive to launch a supercar in the midst of a massive global recession). Still, it exists as a racer, and a mighty one at that: 490bhp+ from a howling 3.4-litre V8, Ricardo sequential six-speed transmission and just 1100kg to haul around. Impressive.

Oh, and it's the Detroit Motor Show next week. The word is that Acura, Honda's luxury US sub-brand, will be debuting a new NSX for 2012. Keep your eyes peeled...

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