Friday, 20 January 2012

Ferrari 550 Drifter

Enzo Ferrari, il Commendatore, was a determined and relentless racer and motorsport enthusiast, but I wonder what he would have made of the precision chaos that is modern drifting? It's certainly an idea that seems anathema to the purists, to associate the cavallino rampante with what the tifosi may see as a hooligan's pursuit. And that's exactly why this 550 Maranello build is such a good idea.
Kristian Somogyi of Swedish outfit SVK Customs was serious about this project, built to compete in the Scandinavian drift series. The Ferrari V12 was unceremoniously junked in favour of a supercharged BMW V8; elsewhere on the car you'll see airjacks, centre-lock Schmidt wheels, AP Racing brakes that are bigger than your face, and oodles of hand-crafted carbon-fibre bodywork.
...and yet Kristian's project remains unfinished. Why? Because he's relocated to Vietnam; the 550 lies in storage, to resurface at an indeterminate date in the future. All the while, Enzo awaits...
Click here for the build, as well as various other SVK creations.

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