Monday, 9 January 2012

E30 M3 Touring

There have been various home-brew iterations of the iconic E30 M3 over the years; stripped-out racers, convertibles, four-doors... but it's quite rare to see a Touring. BMW, of course, never officially built one but if they did, this is pretty much the ethos. There's a little artistic license under the bonnet; the race-bred M3 four-pot is hard to come by, but this car's 3.5-litre M30 six, as found in the M635CSi, seems rather fitting here in terms of grunt. There's a six-speed 'box, custom exhaust, custom Koni suspension and, of course, the iconic body addenda at either end. What really catches the eye, however, is what's housing those E39 M5 rims: the box arches.
The M3 had a lot of girth, with those wide arches acting as a brutal statement of intent. To have them perfectly transplanted onto a Touring is a work of quite some skill and patience, particularly in re-profiling the rear doors to suit. Artfully done, I think you'll agree.

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