Tuesday, 17 January 2012

DeLorean EV

You can imagine the meeting where the electric DeLorean was mooted - an off-the-cuff idea that immediately just made perfect sense. It ticks a lot of boxes: retro chic, desirability, Hollywood glitter, the fulfilment of childhood yearning, and a responsible transport option for the future. Yes, what you see here is a brand-new DeLorean which is powered by electrickery - and not the kind that you have to harness lightning to make use of, but proper battery packs and stuff. And it even glows blue, like there's a flux capacitor in there.
With a power output of 32kWh it'll hum happily past 88mph (er, eventually... I think that equates to about 42bhp), while the range should be around 150km. And this is no one-off show car - the Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company will be building these in 2013. Just to reiterate: you will be able to buy a brand-new electric DMC-12. How cool is that?!
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