Monday, 30 January 2012

Concours RS2000

The concours pursuit is one of ritual, fastidiousness and extraordinary attention to detail. Everything on the car that's original must be saved and preserved; if it requires restoration, it must be to factory specs and with original materials. If parts require replacement or manufacture, again, they must be precisely as they would have left the factory. Concours isn't just about making sure all your screwheads point the right way and tweezering dirt out of your tyres - it's about making the car like it was brand new. And this includes foibles too; if the factory were known for leaving a bit of overspray on the boot floor, that's what the concours builder must replicate. Making it better than new isn't the point.

Of course, this can easily turn into a dangerous obsession. While you're hunting down the original seamstress who worked in the textile factory in 1976 to see if she'll run up a fresh batch of beta cloth seat trim, your wife could leave you without you realising. And then all you're left with is a car that's too perfect to drive for fear of getting it dirty.
Thankfully, not all concours builders go to these extremes. The grafter behind this mkII Escort has a sense of proportion - his RS2000 is just as the good Ford intended (including a rare shade of brown that not a lot of people would be bold enough to retain these days), but he also drives it all over the country to shows, using it as it should be used. Good on him.
Via Classic Ford.

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