Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chopped Mini

A number of elements lifted from different scenes make this Mini unusual. There's a bit of lowrider in there, with the chrome wires and the air-ride controls mounted in the first aid kit. There's a touch of rat, with the patinated bonnet and the interior trim made of hessian sacking. Some traditional, old-school Mini tuning is in evidence with the detailed A-series in the engine bay, and the rally arches. The exterior nods to the nineties with the frenched lights, yet is brought bang up to date with the offbeat satin brown paint. And, of course, there's the roof chop. It's hard enough to fold a grown-up into a Mini as it is... a roof chop shows you're serious.
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brian bussen said...
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brian bussen said...

Nice ride! What are the specs on the rims? What did it take to bag it? Does it lay all down?