Friday, 13 January 2012

Chevrolet Corvair Super Spyder

Unsafe at any speed, blah blah blah...
We all know the Nader horror stories about the Corvair. But what if the much-maligned, rear-engined poppet had been allowed to flourish in the way it deserved? The Super Spyder may have come to fruition, harnessing a more sport-oriented drivership that could appreciate the idiosyncrasies of the unusual drivetrain layout rather than letting it fling them into trees.
The 1962 XP 785 Super Spyder concept was based on the factory Corvair, but shortened by fifteen inches. It had a Speedster-esque chopped screen and a cockpit that tapered into a fibreglass tonneau with the easy grace of the finest Italian design houses; the aggressive multiple exhausts brought the brawny rear right back to Detroit. It was an exercise in extravagance that turned the Corvair into a kind of speedboat for the road - America's playboys would have lapped it up.

Imagine if the gorgeous Super Spyder had been an option at launch: the Corvair might have hit an entirely separate demographic, and its story could have been very different. But we'll never know.

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