Thursday, 5 January 2012

Carrera Panamericana Sedanet

This is classic Carrera Panamericana fodder: take a vast Detroit barge from the forties and stuff an obscene amount of horsepower into it.
The enormous Cadillac bodyshell sits on an Art Morrison chassis, while handling is taken care of by full-race coilovers - this is a race car, after all. Power? You're looking at 600bhp and 580lb.ft from a supercharged Corvette LS9 V8. It's got all the bits you'd expect - super-tough manual 'box, Wilwood brakes, OZ wheels with acres of girth - but what first catches the eye is its pure sense of purpose. This doesn't fit into any specific scene per se; it's not a hot rod or a drag racer or a kustom, and it makes concours purists cry. The Carrera Panamericana is where it fits in, a chrome-bejewelled gangster with a bullish attitude and a hell of a lot of presence, thudding belligerently through the Mexican air with unstoppable force.
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