Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Alfa Romeo Montréal

One of the all-time design greats, the Montréal - largely for its weirdness. It's got a dummy NACA duct for a nostril, lazily-lidded headlights, and rows of vents at the hips to make you think it might be mid-engined, when in fact its detuned Tipo 33 Stradale V8 sits squarely in the nose.
It was named Montréal because that's where it debuted as a concept, at Expo '67 in Canada. The response was sufficiently enthusiastic that the model was put into production, although it was never commercially available in North America. To be honest, the European ones didn't sell that well; despite its achingly gorgeous design, 197bhp delivered at a howling 7,000rpm and features such as an LSD and race-derived suspension that proved it meant business, it was just too expensive. Significantly pricier, in fact, than both the Jaguar E-Type and the Porsche 911, both of which were, let's face it, far less likely to break down.
But it's a firm SuckSqueezeBangBlow favourite - always has been and always will be. The gorgeous 1973 example you see here has been fastidiously restored by Alfaholics, to their famously impeccable standards. Fabulous, isn't it? Like a sci-fi citrus missile.
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