Friday, 27 January 2012

Alfa 75 SZ

The Alfa Romeo SZ is often regarded as the connoisseur's choice - a wilfully ugly yet sensational oddity, with challenging styling and panel gaps you could walk through; resplendent in eighties styling with its boxy lines and split-rims. It's their rarity that really makes them interesting, keeping them far out of the reach of the common man.
Of course, you could always take a sensible Alfa 75 and make it look a bit like an SZ...

It's weird how the fusion of outrageous coachbuilt coupé and squareish family saloon can look so right, isn't it? There's exquisite metalwork in evidence here, and the SZ's nose and chunky hips sit so well on the 75 you could almost believe that this was the saloon's shrouded purpose all along.
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