Thursday, 19 January 2012

'51 Kaiser Business Coupé

It takes a special kind of Americana enthusiast to scrawl their cross in the Kaiser box. Sure, they have strong credentials in terms of engineering and heritage, it's just that they're, well, not all that easy on the eye.
But, of course, cars are just made of metal and stuff, and anything can be altered. Take this '51 Coupé - jaw-droppingly beautiful, isn't it? It's been rodded to within an inch of its life so you could argue that there's only so much Kaiser left in there, but it's a work of art and something the whole Kaiser enthusiast community can be proud of.
The roof's been chopped and the windscreen raked back; it's got Jeep headlights, Corvette suspension and a Ford rear axle; the nose is more aerodynamic and hides a Cadillac V8. And there isn't a thing I'd change - it's just sublime.
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