Thursday, 12 January 2012

'50 Ford Coupé

The proportions of this 1950 Coupé are brilliantly cartoonish because it's been sectioned but not chopped; that is to say, 5" of height has been removed from the bodywork itself along the length of the car, but the traditional accompanying roof-chop hasn't been carried out, leaving a low-slung carriage with a bulbous top. It wouldn't work on a lot of cars, but on this ol' Ford it looks fabulous.

There are a lot of unique custom touches that make this car special - the Chevrolet V8 dressed up in Thunderbird addenda, the pearl white 'n' turquoise vinyl interior, the reshaped front and rear wings with Chevy eyebrows and Buick tail-lamps respectively - but it's the profile that really impresses. You know when a car's so good, it looks like it's been Photoshopped? That's what we've got here. A wonderfully executed example of period custom flair.
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