Thursday, 12 January 2012

2012 Porsche Boxster

Porsche's design division must be sick of people banging on about how every new model looks almost identical to the last. This is a widespread but somewhat unfair criticism. Take the 911, for example - yes, you can track the design cues from the current model back to its originator, but every iteration in between has been markedly different. It's just that you sometimes have to look rather closely to see what's changed.

So you can imagine the thought process behind the 2012 Boxster: 'let's keep it largely similar, with the usual myriad detail updates to lights, bumpers etc. But then let's really confuse everybody by grafting on the rear end from a Peugeot RCZ.'
Yeah. You weren't expecting that, were you?

...and here's one in brown. There was a time when launching a new or revamped model with a brown example would have been seen as an act of madness, but thankfully people have been paying attention to SuckSqueezeBangBlow's advice over the last year or so. Brown is good. There should be more of it.

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