Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Zen Evo IX

The dangerous thing about Mitsubishi Evos is that they're basically unburstable; it's essential to retain a sense of proportion when tuning them, as it's easy to just keep feeding more and more power in until you have something that has astonishing headline bhp figures, but also turbo lag that'll make you weep and a clutch so heavy it'll break your leg.
Here's an example of an Evo done to extremes. This Evo IX, assembled by Zen Motors, has been built with a 2.4-litre block, high compression pistons, a front-mounted turbo and all kinds of lightweight internals. How does 777bhp grab you? It's an eyewatering figure, and you can't argue with the results; you just have to remember that the owner was happy to sacrifice a little driveability in the quest for power. Imagine an FQ400 - a tricky beast even in factory-standard form - with nearly double the grunt. It's going to be a handful. But hey, who wants things to be easy...?
(Looks pretty damn good too, doesn't it?)
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