Friday, 2 December 2011

Volvo Kadett Coupé

There are a number of reasons why this Opel Kadett C Coupé is awesome: it's got a whacking great Volvo engine with a Holset turbo, the front end is spaceframed, it has 8-pot calipers like a frickin' race car, it's got banded alloys (the next big thing, doncherknow), it's an obscene shade of green like it's brutalised Kermit and climbed into his skin... oh yeah, and it has 670bhp. Which is loads. And that's just at the current 2.0bar; with plans to wind it up to 2.5bar, it'll probably be faster than Concorde.
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Anonymous said...

Extreme car... Superb..What a great job!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they dont get the respect they deserve in Australia.

They have been pretty much pidgeon-holed as a poor mans family econobox since they were released in the late 70s. I love my holden gemini wagon though..