Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Two Hot Mustangs

The 2013 model-year is going to see two very spicy Mustangs in the Ford US showrooms. The first is this yellow beast, the Boss 302. Wearing school bus yellow paint to emulate Parnelli Jones' 1970 race-winner, it offers 444bhp and 380lb.ft. But this is no drag-strip special; its carbon-fibre-stuffed LSD, track-honed suspension and monstrous brakes mean that this is a proper muscle car that'll also go round corners. Fast.

The second is the even more extreme GT500. Its 5.8-litre V8 boasts a frankly rather silly 650bhp - for context, that's 80bhp more than a Ferrari 458 Italia. Ford are claiming a top speed of over 200mph; the car features launch control, Brembo brakes, a Torsen diff, and advanced aero to allow it to cut through the air to such unheard of speeds.
Looks angry, doesn't it?

Click here for more on the Boss 302, and here for the GT500.

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