Friday, 9 December 2011

Stanced NSX

The juxtaposition of 'stanced' and 'NSX' may be anathema to some. After all, this was Honda's great supercar hope of the nineties - a Senna-honed mystery machine aimed squarely at the Ferrari 355.
Then again, we can't be precious about these things. The curse of the NSX was its badge; yes, it was more than capable of taking the fight to Ferrari's door but, when it came down to it, the sort of person who'd buy a 355 just wouldn't be satisfied driving something with a Honda badge on the nose (or, in the case of this USDM example, an Acura emblem). This now makes it a second-hand supercar that's available to the masses, and thus ripe for tuning.
So, we have a few scene boxes ticked here. Coilovers. Bold rims. Tarmac-hugging stance. Works for me. What do you reckon?
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