Monday, 12 December 2011

Shiny drift 180SX

There are two schools of thought when it comes to building drift cars. One is that battle scars should be worn with pride; mismatched wheels and bumpers held on with cable ties are the order of the day. The other takes more of a cue from the show 'n' shine scene - polished with pride, glinting in the light. This 180SX, obviously, represents the latter.
It's a JDM model (you can tell by the badging - it was designated '200SX' in Europe), and has pretty much every upgrade you could wish for to be competitive: HKS GT2540 turbo, HKS cams, Sard 555cc injectors, Nismo exhaust, Greddy boost controller, Blitz turbo timer, 1.5 way LSD, triple plate clutch, lightened flywheel, R.Y.O. coilvers, quick-rack, Cusco rollcage, Skyline GT-R brakes, Bride seats... the list goes on. And it's so shiny!
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