Saturday, 17 December 2011

Peugeot 205 Rallye

There was a time when folk saw the 205 Rallye as little more than a cheap GTI-alike without the power. But that does the Rallye a great disservice, and thankfully today its merits are more recognised in ther own right.
You see, the Rallye fulfils a different role to the GTI - while the injected pocket rocket is a fabulous thing, it was created as a miniature everyman performance road car; the Rallye was bullish about its overtly motorsport ethos.
Engineered by Peugeot-Talbot Sport, the model featured the front suspension and brakes from the 1.9 GTI, the rear beam from the 1.6 GTI, and a 1294cc TU engine with spiky cams and twin Weber carbs. The removal of sound-deadening, foglights, window motors and anything deemed superfluous brought the weight down to 794kg.
Lightweight, high-revving carburetted fun, designed specifically to be entertaining and responsive - you can see why people are starting to appreciate them.
The one you see here is for sale - click here. It's ten grand. See? The Rallye is a serious piece of kit...

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