Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mercedes-Benz Auto 2000

The 'Auto 2000' project of the late 1970s was shared by a number of German manufacturers, with the aim of showcasing future technologies in a car that could not exceed 21.3mpg with a kerb weight of 2150kg - pretty ambitious for the time. Mercedes-Benz's effort was the behemoth you see here; a kind of hatchback limousine. With a drag coefficient of just 0.28 and the choice of either a petrol V8 with pioneering automatic cylinder cut-off tech that halved the displacement when not under heavy load, or a twin-turbo straight-six diesel, the Auto 2000 Merc managed around 31mpg. It also had seatbelts mounted within the seats, and integral child restraints in the rear. Oh, and it looked kind of bonkers.
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