Friday, 16 December 2011

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa no.0666

$16,390,000. That's what an auction bidder paid for this 250 TR (chassis no.0666) in August of this year. It set a new world record, beating the existing figure by over $4m.
Built by Ferrari and bodied by Scaglietti in May 1957, 0666 began life as a 290MM but, after a short racing career, returned to Maranello to be reborn as the first ever Testa Rossa. It competed all over the world (usually pretty successfully) until the mid-sixties, when it found itself in private ownership. The owner set fire to the interior for the insurance money, after which point it found itself, predictably, rather sad and sorry.
These days, though, it's in fine fettle (as you'd hope for $16m). You can read the full story at Octane.

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