Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Citroën Activa

Concept cars are supposed to be a little bit bonkers and far-fetched. After all, if they were sensible and realistic, they'd just be production cars. And with Citroën's concepts, you can always rely on them to go the extra mile; the mad interiors and outlandish suspension systems that adorn their showroom models set a precedent - a Citroën concept has to be supremely odd.
1988's Activa didn't disappoint. It showcased their new Hydractive suspension, which coupled the traditional hydropneumatic setup with complex electronic governing. Most notable, though - you've spotted it already - was the independent four-wheel steering. It could spin in a circle in its own length. It could crab, if you so wished. It was a brilliantly weird idea, that has never made it to production for obvious reasons.
...and, of course, there's the crazy Citroën interior. It looks like a video game fantasy from the eighties - which, in a sense, it is.

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