Wednesday, 21 December 2011

C210 Skyline 2000GT-ES

A controversial model in Skyline history, the GT-ES - it's the badge that replaced the now-iconic GT-R name. The sporting variant of the 1977 C210 featured one of Japan's first turbocharged engines in a production car, the L20ET; a 2.0-litre straight-six, producing 145bhp. The models that followed, the R30 & R31, also eschewed the GT-R name - it wasn't until the R32 of 1989 that it was brought back into circulation.
But the GT-ES is a GT-R in all but name, its race-derived engineering and sizeable three-box practicality providing a typically Nissan clothes-horse upon which to hang the traditional Skyline baubles: the quad tail-lights, the uncompromising nose. And this oh-so seventies example, in tasteful brown, subtlely lowered over shiny Watanabes, looks just perfect in the Nikko Circuit's autumn leaves.
Via Hightopfade

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