Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Birth of a bull

Lamborghinis are such brutal, angry things, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they were spat whole from volcanoes or bubbled up through the earth from the very depths of hell. In reality, nailing together a modern Sant'Agata supercar is an enormously convoluted process, involving over 2,000 separate parts from 500 suppliers in 30 countries, all of which have to be expertly merged by craftsmen.
And now, thanks to Wired, we can take a sneaky peek inside the Lamborghini factory to see just how it all happens. The fusion of passion and quality materials, basically. The McLaren-esque clinical whiteness impresses and it's refreshing to hear that Lamborghini take a slightly different approach to Bentley, in that the customer isn't always right; 'you can't ask for a green car with a pink interior and yellow stitching,' says R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani. This is reassuring.

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