Monday, 5 December 2011

Angry Yellow AE86

The hachi-roku hatchback is a firm favourite of the drifting scene, but it's nice to see a saloon model such as this one receive such serious and comprehensive competition prep.
Now, the keen-eyed purists among you may have noticed that this is not all 100% original Toyota; indeed, the 4A-GE twin-cam has been swapped out for a Nissan SR20 unit. The Nissan calipers are a giveaway to the Skyline brakes too, but hey - the package works. With 10J Watanabes, buckets and harnesses, a full cage and more shiny things than you can shake a stick at, this is an AE86 that gets the job done. And as if that wide-arch kit and vast Origin spoiler weren't warning enough, the shocking yellow hue means that you can see the danger coming a mile off, like a big angry bee. Marvellous.
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