Thursday, 22 December 2011

'86 Nova Sport

The Vauxhall Nova found itself lumbered with an unfortunate reputation in the nineties and early noughties: the archetypal boy racer car, seen pulling burnouts and handbrake turns in McDonald's car parks across the land, shimmering in a neon fug. Thankfully this ignominy has diminished in recent times, largely due to the Nova's age - the Citroën Saxo usurped its clichéd chav-wagon throne, and most of the baby Vauxhalls rusted and died.
This means that those that remain tend to be cherished and interesting examples. People who grew up in the age of the Nova now want to save rather than thrash them; indeed, the retro scene has seen many unusual and (you can say it, it's OK) cool Novas surface in recent years. Take this 1986 Nova Sport, for example; externally, aside from a set of OEM+ alloys and clear indicators, it's pretty much as Vauxhall intended. There are some Irmscher goodies under the bonnet, but it's the overall cleanliness that really grabs the attention. Far from being the objects of derision they once were, Novas like this are rare and carry a certain retro chic. Impressive, isn't it? Covetable, even.
Via abcarpix

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