Thursday, 1 December 2011

1952 Astra Coupé

Built in 1952 by Jay Everett of Gardena, CA, the Astra Coupé is a unique slice of custom car history. Hand-fabricated from aluminium and artfully draped over a bespoke tubular steel frame, the bonnet alone consists of 16 separate pieces of metal. Hiding beneath it is a 303ci Oldsmobile Rocket 88 engine - you can't build a car like this and not fit a V8! - and the interior is just as bespoke and unusual as the exterior.
Everett was just 25 when he built the Astra, displaying it at the 1953 Peterson Motorama; he kept it until the late fifties, after which point it's passed through the hands of a veritable who's-who of hot rod culture: George Barris, Johnny Morris, West Coast Customs... and now it's available to buy, in fully restored condition. If you've got $125k to spend, frankly, you'd be mad not to buy it. Click here.

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