Friday, 18 November 2011

Unfuckwithable Rod

'Unfuckwithable'. It's not often you see cam covers doubling up as a mission statement, but you can't argue with the angry intent of this '27 Ford Roadster. Owned by eGarage's Nic Jiminez and crafted by the Cotati Speed Shop, it's built to a spectacularly high standard, featuring modern luxury and technology; if Nic's going to be taming 330bhp in an 800kg car, it makes sense to have some comfy seats and capable suspension to make the experience a little less hair-raising! Indeed, the Detroit aggression is beautifully counterbalanced by its Italian influences; Ferrari paint and soft nappa leather give this rod an aura of class the like of which you don't often find on the hot rod scene. A truly innovative and groundbreaking build.
Further details at Stanceworks.

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