Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Toyota GT-86

Is this the most ridiculous press photo you've ever seen?

Rub your eyes and look again. This appears to be actually happening...
After years of speculation, rumour, hearsay, concepts, modified concepts, mkII concepts and optimistic spec forecasts, it looks like the Toyota FT-86 is actually going to be built. They've given it a little alphabetical shuffle to become 'GT-86', but the key elements in are in place - it's a lightweight rear-wheel drive coupe, evoking the spirit of the AE86 Corolla just as they promised.
Due in the showrooms in late 2012, it'll have 197bhp from its four-cylinder boxer, a very low centre of gravity and, er, 'the smallest steering wheel ever fitted to a Toyota'. The early chatter of creating a model to teach young drivers about oversteer is strangely absent from the press release, but come on - we all know what a relatively cheap RWD coupe will be used for. Dori dori!

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