Saturday, 5 November 2011

S&A Mini Sprint GT

Spotted at the Regent Street Motor Show, this Sprint GT stood out amongst the huge parade of Minis by the fact that, well, it's so much lower down than standard.
One of the many Mini-based specials of the mid-sixties, the GT was developed for racing, its roof chop and de-seaming making it significantly more aerodynamic. The slick looks translated well into road car use, and London BMC dealer Stewart & Ardern stepped in with the funds to develop it into a road-legal proposition - sourcing the unusual rectangular headlights, financing the marketing effort and so on. In their original brochures, they said: 'it is only fair to point out that the S&A Mini Sprint is a conspicuous car. When parked it attracts enthusiasts like a magnet. We apologise in advance for any embarrassment this may cause you.' Judging by the crowd around it today, I'd say that still rings true.

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