Tuesday, 26 March 2013

RAUH Welt UK - RWB 933R

You may well have heard of Japanese Porsche tuners RAUH Welt. Well, back in late 2011 they granted Vogue Auto Design sole UK rights to their RWB brand, and what you see here is the first UK-built RWB 933R. The extreme aero-kitted body is finished in a fetching shade of Lamborghini Grigio Telesto, while rolling stock comprises SSR SP1s in 18"x10.5" (front) and 18"x13" (rear) - dropped to the deck, of course, on Bilstein coilovers. A little tickle to the ECU frees up some power along with a bespoke stainless steel exhaust system, but the real hook of a RAUH Welt 911 is the way it looks... and at first it's a little jarring to see one with UK number plates. Get used to it, though - with any luck, we'll be seeing a lot more of this kind of thing from VAD.

And, somewhat excitingly, this RWB Porsche is now for sale! Got £80k burning a hole in your pocket? Click here. (These photos come courtesy of Stance Nation.)

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