Friday, 11 November 2011

Peugeot 508 GT

I was beginning to get a little worried about Peugeot. Their range of increasingly slack-jawed, gaping-mouthed anonyboxes - 207, 307, blah blah yawn - were so much more dull than those cars of a generation before (did they forget about the 406 Coupé?), but thankfully Peugeot seem to be finding their way again. Take the new 508: OK, it won't moisten a gusset at fifty paces, but it's handsome enough as practical saloons go. And the best thing is, of course, the precedent set by the 605, the Safrane, the C6 et al; people just don't buy big French saloons. So in a few years, this'll be dirt cheap.
You can read a thoroughly entertaining review of the swish 508 GT here at PetrolBlog.


MajorGav said...

Thanks for the link, Daniel. Glad you liked the review.

I'm yet to see that many 508s on the road, which is surprising.

Like yourself, I had lost all hope for Peugeot, but having driven the RCZ, 508 and now the 308 CC, I can honestly say the signs are good.

Bodes well for the 208, don't you think?

juice said...

Let's hope so. I'm really keen on the idea of a credible new take on the GTI badge!