Sunday, 20 November 2011

Krispy Kreme meet - Nov '11

Through the swirling mists of South London came the ominous rumbling of Detroit V8s and the bittersweet tang of high-octane fuel, the whine of the supercharger acting as a wake-up siren for the bleary-eyed enthusiasts at the New Malden Krispy Kreme. The weather may have been bleak, but the spirits of the sugar- and caffeine-fuelled petrolheads were undampened as a truly impressive variety of classic muscle cars growled together at about 9:30-ish; a selection of classic VWs and UK Fords were also in attendance but, of course, they weren't allowed into the main car park: that was reserved for the outlaws.

Fancy attending the next one? Take a trip down the A3 on the third Sunday of the month... and come early. You won't be disappointed.

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