Thursday, 10 November 2011

Isuzu Impulse

The Isuzu Impulse was sold as the Piazza in the UK, which is a much better and more glamorous name. Sadly, though, today's youth will look at you blankly if you say the words 'Isuzu Piazza'; don't blame them though, they're not being wilfully ignorant. It's just that there aren't many Piazzas about these days. They never sold in huge numbers anyway, and their ranks diminished significantly when it was discovered that their strong rear axles slotted perfectly into the back end of Vauxhall Chevettes and Opel Kadetts. So next time you see someone driving a Piazza (or, indeed, an Impulse), give 'em a cheery nod. They've saved a rare eighties coupé from the jaws of the Griffin...
Click here for the full feature on this lovely red Impulse.


jeorgestern said...

Many who have tried cars of Isuzu was really amazed. I also was amazed when I tried it and that is the time when I get one for my own use. An affordable car that has the performance that you didn't expect you can have with it.

Isuzu Car

Christina Yasay said...

Hey! Thats my husbands car! I love it. It is a unique ace of spades.