Sunday, 6 November 2011

Goodwood Breakfast Club - 5th anniversary

Celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Breakfast Club, Goodwood's historic racetrack proudly displayed a 'dream grid' voted for by members and fans, along with the usual plethora of desirable machinery. Two particular highlights for me were to finally catch up with the cheekily-registered McLaren MP4-12C I've seen whizzing round the Wandsworth one-way system (see below...), as well as unexpectedly being directed to park on the circuit itself rather than the usual adjacent field. I could see the confusion on people's faces as they tried to work out what was special about my bog-standard Leon Cupra that'd earn it such a coveted position. See that GT3 RS above? Yeah, I was parked near that.
Anyway, it was a wonderful morning - happy anniversary, Breakfast Club. Here's to the next five years! Please enjoy a few SuckSqueezeBangBlow highlights...

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