Monday, 14 November 2011

Drag Pacer

The AMC Pacer is an odd car. Perhaps best known in the UK for its appearance as the Mirthmobile in Wayne's World, it has all the makings of an underclass hero: wilful ugliness, utilitarian practicality and a general lack of coolness that somehow makes it cool - a kind of Detroit Austin Allegro. It was pitched as the USA's 'first wide, small car', being designed from the inside out to accommodate four adults. Among its design quirks were asymmetric doors, with the passenger side door being four inches longer to aid entry and rear access.

This particular Pacer, as you've probably spotted, is a little more heroic than most. It's powered by an LS7 crate V8 that provides 680bhp, enabling it to run the quarter-mile in the low 10s, and features an über-retro interior. Imagine what Wayne and Garth would have made of that...
More details here.

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