Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dagenham shapeshifter

There are a number of different approaches to owning modified cars. Some people are purely focused on the build; they spend years perfecting a car, then feel a sense of completion and finality when it's all done and have to sell it, moving on to the next project. Some folk sit at the further end of the chain, buying completed project cars so that they can enjoy them without worrying about the work and expense of the build. And some like to stick with a car, evolving it over the years... which is what we see here.
This 1985 mkIII Escort Cabriolet was bought by its current owner back in 1995, in near-standard form. As you scroll down through the photos, you'll see how the Cab has altered and transmuted over the past sixteen years; its various guises won't all be to everybody's taste, but they do offer fascinating snapshots of the more extreme end of UK modifiying in recent years: wide arches, soft-spoke fives, blingy chrome, hungry vents, outrageous exhausts, split-rims - this Escort has seen it all. It's a brilliantly weird Dagenham shapeshifter. Click here for the full story.

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