Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Bertone Jaguar FT

The 1966 Bertone Jaguar FT is the stuff of Coventry folklore. Commissioned by Italian Jaguar importer Ferruccio Tarchini, the notion was to present a four-seater coupé based on the S-type at the Geneva Motor Show; Tarchini's vision was of a coachbuilt model to rival those of Italy's domestic marques, to be a mainstream Italian Jaguar. This plan never came to fruition (most likely because Jaguar didn't feel that Bertone's design represented any of their core values), so the Geneva '66 prototype is now the only physical evidence of the plan. Well, aside from the FT you see in these pictures, which unexpectedly surfaced recently. Built by Bertone and backed up by a Jaguar Daimler Heritage certificate, it turns out to be a second model that the design house crafted in period (they had, in fact, been supplied with seven chassis in total) and sold to a wealthy Madrid collector. And now it's for sale; it needs a little work, but imagine the accolades on the concours scene once it's been buffed up a bit!
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