Tuesday, 1 November 2011

'59 Chrysler Imperial Speedster

Never heard of the Chrysler Imperial Speedster? No, that's because it doesn't exist. Or at least it didn't, until the tenacious Murray Pfaff nailed this one together.
Starting with a 1959 Imperial sedan, his aim was to create a hot rod homage to the Chrysler Ghia and GM Motorama sports cars of the '50s, basically by cutting it down to its component parts and reassembling it in the less bulky proportions of, say, a Cobra.
Every part of the build is necessarily unique, and the fit & finish is exemplary; more impressive is that this is Pfaff's first ground-up build (talk about ambitious...), making the finished product all the more gobsmacking. He made this, with his mates, in his garage. Pretty spectacular, right? And it looks like a Hot Wheels toy too.
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