Monday, 10 October 2011

Zagato Ferrari 3000

Some might call it sacrilegious to rebody a Ferrari 330 GTC, particularly to create something that resembles a Studebaker Avanti at the front and a Fiat X1/9 at the rear. But this is the very essence of the rich tradition of the bespoke coachbuilder - a challenging and unorthodox reworking of a revered machine is something that will resonate through the ages.
Well, sometimes it is. Sometimes you just end up with a forgotten one-off that few people will recognise, let alone covet.

History hasn't been kind to Zagato's Ferrari 3000, but I think it deserves a little recognition. The base car, a '67 330 GTC, spent the early part of its life in standard form; it was delivered brand-new to Luigi Chinetti Motors, Inc., USA and driven as built until 1974, when it was shipped to Zagato to have its bespoke Giuseppe Mittino-designed bodywork created. Given the oil crisis of the time, the 3000 remained as a one-off due to a general lack of enthusiasm for unique commissions in such a climate. In period it might have been viewed either as an oddball curio or an aspirational concept, but today it's an intriguing chapter of Zagato's history; something created when it was less unusual for the well-heeled to approach a design house with a private project. You may not be the 3000's biggest fan, but aren't you glad it exists...?

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