Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Volga GAZ-24 - Back in the USSR

The GAZ-24 is an iconic car; built in the USSR between 1968-77 in its first guise, it wore its American styling influences bravely and proudly. And it didn't hide its light under a bushel either; pretty much every taxi in Russia at that time was a checkerboard-stickered Volga, their bluff chrome noses cutting through the snow with alacrity. Indeed, a taxi-spec GAZ-24 was available direct from the dealer, complete with wipe-clean vinyl seats, low-compression 85bhp engine and taximeter.
The example in these pictures represents the nostalgic realisation experienced by many children of the Soviet Union - to own one of these shiny machines that, as a child, were commonplace on the icy streets but gradually slipped into obscurity. (Measured use of an angle-grinder on the springs helps to improve the stance a little here. Nostalgia will only take you so far...)
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