Wednesday, 26 October 2011

RUF CTR Yellowbird

As you can see from that video, the Yellowbird's handling is a little, er, tricky. Indeed, anyone who's attempted to drive one in Gran Turismo 5 will know how frustratingly hard it is to keep the bastard in a straight line, let alone encourage it to cleanly navigate a bend without shredding its rear tyres. But that's what makes it so wonderful.

RUF are a manufacturer in their own right, so don't go mistaking this for a tarted-up Porsche 930; they start with a Porsche bodyshell and the basic architecture of the engine, but everything that happens beyond that is surreal, otherworldy and very, very noisy.
The body is de-guttered and seam-welded to make it aerodynamic and strong, while NACA ducts and gaping vents force air into the obscenely tuned twin-turbo 3.4-litre flat-six. The Yellowbird, a widowmaker to make even the GT2 RS look decidedly tame, offers 469bhp in a featherweight 1170kg package, will bound to sixty in about three-and-a-half seconds, and won't rest till it hits 211mph. Probably sideways. A ridiculous, fabulous icon of eighties supercar excess.

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