Monday, 17 October 2011

Mercedes Bent

One of my favourite approaches to modification is that which is radical yet subtle; appearing beautiful to the casual observer, and a technical tour de force to the enthusiast. Like this, the Mercedes Bent.

You may call it sacrilege to chop up a '61 190SL, but you can't really argue with results like these. This SoCal Merc's air-sprung stance over 20" steels is the first real giveaway that all's not factory-standard. In fact, some major surgery has taken place; it's effectively been cut in half down the middle and widened by six inches, while nine inches have been added to the length. This is largely to allow the installation of the engine and drivetrain from a 2004 Mercedes SL600 - a colossal V12 that's been tweaked up to 650bhp - and means that pretty much everything on the car has been built from scratch. The effort that's gone into this is just staggering, and it's certainly got the grunt to back up the looks. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

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