Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Harbinger Mustang

Like a detailed build? This '69 Mustang will be right up your street...
Rather than strictly a one-off show car, the Harbinger is, as the name might suggest, a prototype test-bed for a line of competition-prepped Mustangs from Agent 47, able to be built to any specs required by different series' race regs. And, as you can see, it makes a pretty brutal road car too.
The handling is taken care of by state-of-the-art suspension (leave your 'it's American, it won't go round corners' clichés at the door), while power - all 697bhp of it - comes from a 402ci Windsor V8 with every tuning mod in the book.
You can see from the pictures that quality and attention to detail run through this build like a stick of rock; the induction cones in the headlight bowls, the slot in the centre console that perfectly fits your iPod, the bespoke-machined chassis components... this is a serious Mustang. Probably the most serious SuckSqueezeBangBlow has ever seen.
Click here and here for the full specs.

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