Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Grid-look Golf GTI

A little while ago, SuckSqueezeBangBlow looked at the modifying niche of 'grid-look' - click here. While this Golf doesn't feature the brightly-hued accents of the look, it perfectly embodies everything else about it; proper performance modifications, carried out to a high standard, with an almost tongue-in-cheek stance that might be a little too aggressive for competition.

It's an astonishing piece of kit, isn't it? A 2002 GTI, its 1.8 Turbo unit has been bolstered by a Garrett GT2871R turbo, bigger injectors and fuel pump and a bespoke exhaust to create 320bhp at the wheels (and, impressively, the block and head are still factory stock). The wheelarches have been rolled and pulled to echo the lines of the E46 BMW M3, while the bumpers have been widened to suit the more muscular wings.
Power is delivered via a six-speed Audi TT 'box and unique 4WD conversion; that explains why the race fuel tank you can see - with the filler cunningly repositioned to the VW badge spot in the carbon-fibre bootlid - sits higher than standard. H&R coilovers and Wilwood brakes reside beneath, and those wheels? They're M3-fitment 18" BBS CHs, a staggering 10" wide at the rear.
Pretty menacing, right? You can learn more here and here.

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